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Dissolve limestone with profumed Antibacterial

Scented dissolution of limestone descaling detergent formulated to remove dirt, residues of limestone and water stains from all surfaces. Thanks to the presence of quaternary ammonium salts ensures antibacterial action. The specific formulation leaves surfaces shiny.

€2.99 Price

Air Fresheners with Green Apple fragrance

Deodorant eliminates odors ecological based on high quality essential oils. Its formula with Antibacterial molecules eliminates bad odors and improves hygiene safe environments treated. Ideal for hotel rooms after housekeeping.

  • Use: toilets, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, car interiors, shoe racks, storage rooms, kennels for pets, floors, carpets and fabrics
  • Dosage: ready to use
€3.94 Price

Degreaser alcohol sanitizer MULTI ACTIVE

Degreaser alcohol sanitizer unscented ready for use. The exclusive formulation with quaternary ammonium salts helps to remove germs, bacteria and odors. Ideal for all surfaces in contact with food.

€4.03 Price